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Calgary’s Trusted Water-Based Pet Cremation Service

24/7 Pickup



Pet to Nature's water cremation provides a respectful, gentle, and eco-friendly way to honour the memory of your beloved pet.

Introducing The Gentle Farewell for Your Beloved Companion

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Your dear pet is like family… and they’ve been with you through the best and most challenging moments of your life. You want to reward their faithful service with dignity and respect.

At Pet to Nature, we understand the emotional weight you bear when bidding farewell to your dear pet.

That's why we offer an empathetic and eco-friendly approach to pet cremation, using water-based Aquamation to ensure a peaceful transition.

Say goodbye with confidence, knowing your cherished companion will be handled with the utmost respect and integrity. Discover the solace and closure your pet deserves.

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What is Aquamation? (Pet Water Cremation)

Aquamation is a gentle, nature-friendly alternative to traditional pet cremation. It utilizes a combination of gentle water flow, temperature, and alkalinity to accelerate the organic breakdown process, mimicking nature's course. Compared to flame-based cremation, Aquamation emits less than 1/7 the amount of greenhouse gas while preserving 20% more of your pet's remains.

Honour your pet and bid them a greener goodbye with environmental integrity.

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See the Difference Aquamation Makes vs. Traditional Cremation

What would you choose?

We understand that losing your furry family member is a painful experience. With that in mind, we recommend Aquamation as the perfect way to honour your loved one.

  • Aquamation is a more eco-friendly option for pet owners than traditional flame-based cremation.

  • It has a smaller carbon footprint, releases no harmful emissions, and uses less energy and natural resources.

  • The resulting ash is sterile and safe, and the process is gentle and nature-friendly, making it a more sustainable and kinder choice for pet owners.


How Our Water Cremation Works


Our expert team is here to support you when it's time to say goodbye to your pet. If you reside within 1.5 hours of Calgary, we'll even arrange pick-up to ease the burden.


Our special process, Aquamation, provides a gentle and nature-friendly way to care for your pet's body. It mirrors the natural breakdown that occurs when a body is buried in the soil.


Initially, we place your pet's body in a sanitized stainless-steel container. Then, we introduce a warm and mild water-based solution. This solution gently dissolves the soft tissues of the body over the course of a few hours.


Once the water has ceased flowing, we thoroughly wash and dry the remains to ensure cleanliness and safety.


You have the freedom to choose how we present the clean ashes. Options include traditional urns or even a plant urn, allowing you to keep a living memory of your beloved pet.

When You Choose Aquamation You Have Helped To:

Reduce Direct Emissions of Harmful Greenhouse Gases

Save over 90% energy when compared to flame-based cremation

Reduce Burning of Fossil Fuels

You receive 20% more ash remains back home.

Our Services - PiVA

Pīvā (पीवा). means water in Sanskrit

24/7 Pickup

From home, the vet,

or wherever.

No extra fee for late night pick ups within Calgary.

Pick up within 1.5 hours from Calgary.


30+ minutes of complimentary viewing.


Gentle and nature-friendly process that mimics the natural decomposition of the body using Aquamation system.

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • How Much Do Your Services Cost?
    The cost varies on the service requested and type of pet. Small animals: $100 - $150 Dogs/Cats: $120 Up
  • How does the pickup service work?
    We offer 24/7 pickup from your home, the vet, or another location within Calgary at no extra cost if you choose our PTN Centre service, even for late-night pickups. For pickups outside Calgary during business hours, there is a fee of $0.6 per km.
  • Why should I consider water cremation for my pet?
    Water cremation, or aquamation, is a more sustainable and kinder choice. It has a smaller carbon footprint, releases no harmful emissions, and uses less energy and natural resources. The resulting ash is sterile and safe, and the process is gentle and nature-friendly.
  • What happens to my pet's remains after the water cremation process?
    You can choose what to do with the clean ashes. We can place them in a traditional urn or a plant urn for you to keep.
  • What languages can your company communicate in?
    We provide our services in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.
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