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Compassionate Funeral and Pet Memorial Services at Pet to Nature

Navigating the painful loss of a furry companion can be challenging. At Pet to Nature, we are here to provide unwavering support in these distressing times. As Calgary's esteemed pet memorial and funeral service provider, we work dedicatedly to ensure a dignified farewell and enduring tribute for your treasured pet. Our experienced team specializes in eco-friendly alternatives, offering an environment-conscious method, Aquamation, for your pet's final journey.

Laying Dog

Commemorating Your Pet's Life: Funeral and Memorial Services

We believe in celebrating the special bond between you and your pet. Our pet funeral and memorial services are designed to help you navigate your grief and find comfort in honoring your pet's unique life and legacy. Whether you prefer a private ceremony or a gathering of loved ones, we can assist in organizing a respectful service that truly commemorates your pet's individual spirit.

Framed paw print memorial
Pet to Nature Memorial Area

Personalized Keepsakes and Memorials

We understand that each pet is unique and holds a special place in your heart. To honor this, we offer a wide range of personalized keepsakes and memorials, from custom urns to engraved mementos. These serve as a tangible connection to your pet, a way to keep their memory close while offering comfort during your grieving process.

Memorial Overview: Honouring the Unique Bond with Your Pet

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How Can We Help You?

At Pet to Nature, we understand that your pet was more than just an animal 

They were family. We are here to help you commemorate their memory in a way that honours the unique bond you shared with your beloved companion. Our range of memorial services and items are carefully crafted to offer you the comfort and support needed during this difficult time.

Memorial Viewing Service:

We offer a serene environment where you can say your final goodbyes. This service is similar to a human visitation, where you can see your loved one in a peaceful state, helping bring closure and beginning the healing process.

Urns and Keepsakes:

Cherish your pet’s memory with our wide array of urns, scatter tubes, keepsake jewelry, and more. We offer keepsake urns that are pocket-sized, perfect for you to carry a part of your pet with you always. You can also opt for custom glass-blown keepsakes, paw and nose prints, and memorial frames that capture their unique spirit.

Donations or Charitable Contributions:

Honour your pet by giving back. Make a donation in their name to help animals in need, creating a positive impact and continuing their legacy of love.

The way you choose to memorialize your pet is a deeply personal decision and should reflect the unique relationship and bond you shared. At Pet to Nature, we are dedicated to providing you with compassionate guidance and a variety of options to ensure that your pet's memory is cherished forever.

Cat Cuddles

Pet Memorial & Funeral Ideas

The profound bond we share with our pets is unique and special. To help honor this bond, Pet to Nature offers a wide array of memorial items, suitable for dogs, cats, and smaller or other pets. Here we share some ideas on how to create meaningful memorials for your beloved animal friends.

Dog looking far away

Honoring Man's Best Friend 

A dog's boundless energy and playful nature often leave lasting memories. At Pet to Nature, we help encapsulate these memories in various ways:

  • Consider a shadow box or resin container encapsulating your dog's favorite chew toy, such as a bone. Surround it with photos to create a memento that showcases their playful spirit.

  • Personalize their memory with our selection of urns, available in many sizes and materials, including ceramic, speciality Luv Urns, and bamboo.

  • Capture their unique paw print or nose print in 2D or 3D, customizable with different colors and your loved one's name.

  • Frame their memory in one of our bespoke memorial frames, complete with a pawprint and custom layout reflecting your dog's personality.

lovely kitty

A Tribute to our Feline Companions

Your cat's playful, sometimes mischievous nature can leave behind delightful reminders. Pet to Nature offers various memorial options to help commemorate these quirks:

  • Frame your cat's preserved teeth, a unique option available with our Aquamation service, in a beautiful setting to highlight their characteristic antics.

  • Choose from our diverse selection of urns to hold your cat's ashes, including keepsake urns, pendants, plant pot urns, and satchel bags.

  • Immortalize their unique paw prints or nose prints in 2D or 3D, customizable with your cat's name and various color options.

  • Our memorial frames provide a place to showcase your cherished photos and mementos of your feline friend.

Small Animals

Small or Other Pets
Cherishing Our Smaller Companions

The presence of smaller pets, like rabbits, guinea pigs, or reptiles, adds unique joy to our lives. Pet to Nature offers a range of memorial options for these cherished companions:

  • Commission a painting that features elements of your pet's unique life, such as your rabbit's favorite snacks or your reptile's preferred basking spot.

  • House your pet's ashes in one of our specialty urns, with choices suitable for small and unconventional pets.

  • If applicable, capture their unique paw or nose prints in 2D or 3D, personalized with their name.

  • Our memorial frames and light dome prints offer a way to visually capture and display your cherished memories of your small pet.

  • How Much Do Your Services Cost?
    The cost varies on the service requested and type of pet. Rodents: $100 - $150 Dogs/Cats: $120 Up
  • How does the pickup service work?
    We offer 24/7 pickup from your home, the vet, or another location within Calgary at no extra cost, even for late-night pickups. For pickups outside Calgary during business hours, there is a fee of $0.6 per km.
  • Why should I consider water cremation for my pet?
    Water cremation, or aquamation, is a more sustainable and kinder choice. It has a smaller carbon footprint, releases no harmful emissions, and uses less energy and natural resources. The resulting ash is sterile and safe, and the process is gentle and nature-friendly.
  • What happens to my pet's remains after the water cremation process?
    You can choose what to do with the clean ashes. We can place them in a traditional urn or a plant urn for you to keep.
  • What languages can your company communicate in?
    We provide our services in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.
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