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  • How Much Do Your Services Cost?
    The cost varies on the service requested and type of pet. Small animals: $100 - $150 Dogs/Cats: $120 Up
  • How does the pickup service work?
    We offer 24/7 pickup from your home, the vet, or another location within Calgary at no extra cost if you choose our PTN Centre service, even for late-night pickups. For pickups outside Calgary during business hours, there is a fee of $0.6 per km.
  • Why should I consider water cremation for my pet?
    Water cremation, or aquamation, is a more sustainable and kinder choice. It has a smaller carbon footprint, releases no harmful emissions, and uses less energy and natural resources. The resulting ash is sterile and safe, and the process is gentle and nature-friendly.
  • What happens to my pet's remains after the water cremation process?
    You can choose what to do with the clean ashes. We can place them in a traditional urn or a plant urn for you to keep.
  • What languages can your company communicate in?
    We provide our services in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.
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