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Our Partners

All our partners are local small businesses. #supportlocal

Losing a pet hurts...

The grieving process is individual and it's normal to experience these typical reactions:

  • Numbness, sadness, emptiness, depression

  • Anger, blame, stress, anxiety, and isolation

  • Changes in eating, sleeping and working

Strawberry Moon Counselling's Pet Loss Circle can help you heal and release these symptoms while honouring your pet. We feature animal-assistance therapy, gentle art invitations, quiet discussions and nature based experiences. These techniques tend to the mind, body and spirit, and welcome communication, release, and hope.

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Memorial keepsake bead

Ronda has made thousands of glass beads over the years and sitting down to make a memorial keepsake will always be the most important project of her day. It is incredibly meaningful when her customers receive their glass beads and get to hold their pets or loved ones close. There is nothing better than getting to witness the comfort these memorials bring. 

Memorial Photo Carve

Kwoodcarave specializes in manufacturing artistic creations, signage, v-photo carves and wood projects.  Products are built with precision using CNC which is accurate and flexible. Their process in creating products is perfect for any creation you can imagine.  

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Have a refreshment

Just as "The Lion and the Lamb" embodies two disparate elements, here at Beauty & Café, we aim to bring two disparate experiences under one roof. Our one stop shop shares a goal of promoting self care through a welcoming and relaxing environment. We strongly believe that uniting both cuisine and beauty services, we will be able to provide you with the utmost comfort, friendly, and delicious feeling while we take care of you.

Make a tribute for your pup

As an outdoor photographer and a zoologist, Joy d’Argent is pleased to capture images of dog’s enjoying all that nature has to offer. A Calgarian all her life, Joy applies her background in animal field studies and love of dogs to her career in Pup Tent Photography, her pet photography company. Joy offers sessions with dogs and owners in gorgeous Southern Alberta locations, including Banff and Canmore. Joy offers best-in-class museum-quality finishing for images, to create extraordinary wall art for your home.


She is proud to be a part of an environmentally conscious community who consider the natural environment as a gift to photographers, and Canadians.

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Capture the joyful moments

The partner photographer, Jacky Lam, has more than 20 years' professional experience in portrait photography.  He is passionate in various kinds of photography, including families, young kids, high fashion and pets portraits.  Jacky will be able to help you create incredible and valuable memories with your beloved furry friends.

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