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Cuddle urns are crafted to honor the life of your cherished pet.

Bronze finish is accented with hand engraved Gold & Silver Paws.

Threaded lid opens at top.

Protected with GlossCoat™ 
Handcrafted with Love by LoveUrns® 


P570L / 570M / 570S

Class: Pet Urn
Capacity: 83 Cubic Inch / 49 Cubic Inch / 31 Cubic Inch
Dimensions: L 5.91 Inch W 5.91 Inch H 4.72 Inch / L 4.92 Inch W 4.92 Inch H 3.74 Inch / L 4.33 Inch W 4.33 Inch H 3.54 Inch
Material: Alloy
Opening: Threaded Top
Comes with: Presentation Pouch

P570L, P570M, P570S Cuddle™ Pet Urn Bronze & Bru Gold

PriceFrom C$139.90
Excluding GST/HST
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