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Calgary cat owner uses online pet competition to support animal rescue efforts

By Gil Tucker Global News

Posted September 27, 2022 6:06 pm A Calgary woman is asking for support as she and her little cat team up for a big competition.

A win would bring a big boost for local animal rescue efforts.

Linda Gerow has entered her cat Mischie in an online contest called “America’s Favorite Pet.”

She has been giving Mischie a lot of love since she took him in three years ago, when he was a feral kitten scrambling to survive.

“Somewhere in the Foothills, on some guy’s property,” Gerow said. “They’re smarter than domesticated cats, because only the smartest survive — they’re in the wild.”

Taking part in the online competition puts Mischie up against pets from all over North America.

“We didn’t think we’d have a hope in heck and now we’re No. 5, so the contest is getting intense,” Gerow said.

“You have to say why your pet should be picked as America’s favourite pet, and what I said was because Mischie represents feral cats everywhere that need a home, love and attention. It’s so worth rescuing.”

Voting closes in the cat category of the competition on Thursday, Sept 29.

If Mischie comes out on top in that division, he moves on to go head to head against all kinds of critters.

“Reptiles, llamas — anybody (who) has a pet, they can enter this contest,” Gerow said. “If we win, up against all the other animals, we get $10,000.”

She knows exactly what she would do with that money.

“I’d like to get a good camera so I can start doing pet photography, and the rest I will donate to one of the animal shelters in the Calgary area,” Gerow said.

She is now appealing for support, asking people to cast their ballots at

“He was in fifth spot, so we need to move him up,” Gerow said. “Please vote for Mischie.”

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